Now we are open to implement waste heat recovery projects on BOOT basis. Save up to 50% of Energy / Fuel cost with ZERO investment for Energy conservation projects

  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Biomass Briquette fired
  • Combustion Air Preheater
  • Combustion APH
  • slider5
  • WHRS on RTO Exhaust
  • Heat Recovery On Melting Furnace
  • Heat Recovery On Melting Furnace
  • WHRS on Paint shop Exhaust at TML Car plant
  • Hydroxy Combustion System for Fuel Saving
Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Energy Audits, Energy Conservation Projects, Waste Heat Recovery Systems on DG Sets, Power Generation from waste heat, Waste Heat Recovery Chillers, Waste Heat Recovery ORC, Waste Heat Recovery Systems on Oven from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established in Nov. 2000 with a objective to save energy for nation through industrial projects, by way of providing simple and cost effective solutions for energy savings through Waste Heat Recovery and Energy Conservation projects which are simple to implement, quick to execute and have lowest payback periods. Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by highly experienced and knowledgeable Technocrats having firsthand experience because of the back-ground of working at grassroots level with own hands. The venture was started with a mission to offer simple and workable, implementable solutions for conserving thermal energy, with a cost economic propositions, which will help industries save precious fuel energy, which is actually cash saving and in turn help Nation to save energy.

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  1. Opel Completed 21 years of services to Nation through precious energy & fuel savings
  2. Opel bagged prestigious order from Hyundai Motor India Ltd for India's Biggest Heat recovery system on Paint shop RTO Exhaust .
  3. Owens corning India Ltd , has given an innovative waste heat recovery project order on Glass Melting Furnace Exhaust
  4. Opel received prestigious repeat order no 18 from Rockman Industries Ltd.
  5. Opel won national level first prize as a technology provider in energy efficiency to industry from CII For the year 2017-2018
  6. Opel has completed installation of WHRS at Lucknow plant. Total 14th waste heat recovery systems in TML alone at different locations in paint shops .
  7. Completed prestigious project in UAE, Installed 4 Nos, Air Preheaters on 12 MN KCAL Capacity High temperature Oil heaters .
  8. Installed 60+ Flux Maxiox Fuel Saving devices for NG, in RAK CERAMICS UAE, No one company in world for ceramic products.
  9. Repeat order received from Emerson Climate Technologies for supply of Biomass Briquette Fired Thermopack.
  10. Biomass briquette fired thermic fluid heating systems of 20 lac kcal / hr and 30 lac kcal / hr commissioned . Saving 50% of fuel cost compared with F. O. Firing.
  11. Waste heat recovery system on copper melting furnace installed in UAE.
  12. Waste heat recovery system on paint shop oven exhaust commissioned ( capacity 4 lac kcal / hr.)
  13. Opel has commissioned an Innovative waste heat recovery project on Engine Test Bed Exhausts
  14. Compressor Heat recovery hot water generation & use of this hot water for replacement of electrical heaters in washing machine Saving huge amount of electrical cost, Project completed in Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India ltd, Ahemdabad.

New Innovative Technology for Fuel Saving
(Hydroxy Combustion System for Fuel Saving)

Hydroxy Combustion System for Boiler
Hydroxy Combustion Systm for Melting Furnace

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